Friends & Family

Access Securepak is a program designed to allow family and friends to send custom care packages to their incarcerated loved ones.

Placing an order is easy and convenient. You choose from our selection of name-brand and private-label products, then we will assemble and deliver the package, to help you stay connected. We have a large product assortment to choose from, with new items being added regularly. Options include sending food, personal care items, electronics, footwear, clothing, and more. All items are pre-approved and agency limits and restrictions are automatically observed.

Friends and family can place an order on 24/7, or by phone, fax, mail, or kiosk. These methods allow you to choose a purchasing method which best suits your needs. If approved by the agency, inmates can also participate in placing orders by mail or kiosk using their trust funds or prepaid account funds.

Please visit our Contact Us page if you need assistance with any inquiries.

We hope you are pleased with our services and in return, helps you feel closer to your loved one.



Access Securepak® is the most comprehensive custom package program in the correctional industry. Access Securepak® is a program designed to allow family members and friends to send packages to inmates. Access Securepak® was developed to eliminate contraband and greatly reduce the time and labor required to process packages. As an affiliate of Keefe Group, you will benefit from the market and product expertise we have been offering since 1975. For over 30 years, Keefe Group has been the industry leader in the packaging and distribution of high-quality products and services to correctional facilities.

Access Securepak® is the clear choice for your custom package program, offering:


  • Innovative Product Line
  • Safety and Security
  • Outstanding Customer Service
  • Flexibility
  • Industry Expertise
  • Order Accuracy
  • Customized Delivery & Shipping Schedule



Access Securepak® allows you to control full implementation of the program; making sure the Securepak program meets the unique needs of your particular institution.


When designing a custom package program, you should consider:


  • The safety of your officers and inmates
  • The cost to process incoming packages
  • The vendor's ability to deliver packages in a timely manner
  • The vendor's variety of products and 'correctional friendly' packaging
  • Experience in implementing a statewide package program


How Securepak® will help ensure a secured environment:


  • Securepak® offers the most 'correctional friendly' commissary items in the correctional industry
  • Orders are packaged at Keefe's secured warehouse
  • Boxes are sealed with a pre-printed, tamper evident tape to ensure the security of the packages
  • All employees undergo an extensive screening process and background check
  • Securepak eliminates the need to search and x-ray packages from outside sources
  • Consolidate shipments from various companies


Access Securepak®, as your partner, we make it our mission to understand the technical needs of your facility and provide you with solutions to fit your needs.


Our Proprietary Software:


  • Processes orders, enforces product restrictions and quantity limits
  • Enforces spending, weight, order frequency, and inmate status limits
  • Detailed reporting and customized reports including inmate order history and shipment dates
  • Software changes are available at your request


Our Customized Website Enables:


  • Customized, easy-to-use website for online purchases
  • Your website will be built for your facility or state, displaying your approved menu
  • Facility regulations and order limitations will be enforced
  • Online ordering is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Online order confirmation is given to the customer



Access Securepak® Custom Package Program is not only hassle-free for institutions, it's easy for everyone with our customized online ordering and pre-printed order forms. Customers may choose a method which best suits their needs.




  • An easy to navigate website for online purchases
  • Free catalogs, order forms and marketing support
  • On time, accurate delivery of orders
  • The largest selection of products in the industry
  • Proprietary software customized to meet the needs of your institution
  • State-of-the art call center to process orders and answer questions
  • Major credit cards accepted: MasterCard, Visa and Discover
  • Toll-free customer assistance available in English and Spanish
  • Call 636-888-7003 to find out more today (Need a 1-800 number? 636-888-7003)



Access Securepak® features over 1,000 products, including many name brand items and products specifically designed for the corrections market. The Access Securepak® Custom Package Program is designed to meet the unique needs of facilities and families.


Food & Snacks:


  • Flexible pouches
  • Clear packages
  • Resealable packages
  • Plastic jars
  • Kosher & Halal certified products


Personal Hygiene Products: 


  • Hundreds of items to choose from
  • Name brand and private label products available
  • Products available in clear containers




  • Televisions, radios, headphones and more
  • Clear plastic casings to eliminate contraband
  • Security screws
  • Headphone jacks
  • Custom modifications available




  • Shoes, boots, underwear, t-shirts, sweats, socks, shorts, jeans and more
  • Colors to meet facility requirements
  • Sizes available in Small - 6XL